Ashley + Matthew { The Venetian }

Recently, I got the chance to work with my good friend/sister Vanessa Joy as her second shooter, I frequently shoot with her throughout the year on dates I have open. This particular wedding was at The Venetian and pics were done at Liberty State Park. Ashley and Matthew were super cool and the day was amazing… here are a few of my favorites from their day!

John DeFiora Photography_0001John DeFiora Photography_0002John DeFiora Photography_0003John DeFiora Photography_0004John DeFiora Photography_0005John DeFiora Photography_0006John DeFiora Photography_0007John DeFiora Photography_0008John DeFiora Photography_0009John DeFiora Photography_0010John DeFiora Photography_0011John DeFiora Photography_0013John DeFiora Photography_0014John DeFiora Photography_0015John DeFiora Photography_0016John DeFiora Photography_0017John DeFiora Photography_0018

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Bethany + Terry { Lucien’s Manor }

This was such an amazing day, that if I had audio rolling, I’d still be laughing. I think this was probably one of the best bride prep sessions I’ve ever gone to.Not to mention,the entire bridal party on both sides were top notch. The rain did not stop this wedding from being great, in fact, it helped. It brought everyone closer and allowed us to photograph in areas we might have missed had it been sunny out. So many keepers from this wedding, I had a hard time narrowing down the very best that I wanted to show.

I would like to thank Vanessa, my second shooter for getting so many great images ( hers are in with mine ) as well as Chris Monaco, of Elite Entertainment for playing amazing music, I always love working with friends in the industry!

Reception was at Lucien’s Manor


John DeFiora Photography_0001John DeFiora Photography_0002John DeFiora Photography_0003Bride Prep,Bride, Bride with a window, John DeFiora PhotographyJohn DeFiora Photography_0006Flowers, Bridal BouquetJohn DeFiora Photography_0008Groom PrepJohn DeFiora Photography_0010Bagpipes, BagpiperJohn DeFiora Photography_0012Classic Portraits, Kids, John DeFiora PhotographyJohn DeFiora Photography_0014John DeFiora Photography_0015John DeFiora Photography_0016John DeFiora Photography_0017John DeFiora Photography_0018John DeFiora Photography_0019John DeFiora Photography_0020John DeFiora Photography_0021Bridal PartyJohn DeFiora Photography_0023John DeFiora Photography_0024 DeFiora Photography_0026

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Jenny & Owen { Clarks Landing }

Jenny and Owen’s wedding was super fun and at one of my favorite venues, Clarks Landing.We photographed bride prep there, then headed to Spring Lake for both ceremony and formal pictures. It was if mother nature knew they were getting married and let up on the cold weather for just enough that we could stay outside and make use of the amazing light… after Spring Lake, we headed back to Clarks for the reception where Jenny got serenaded by every male guest to lovin’ feelin -

I can honestly say I’ve never seen, and there was such an amazing energy in the room when it happened…

I wanna thank Erin and Liz for shooting with me this day, some of their images are in with mine


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George KoroneosMarch 30, 2014 - 9:44 pm

Your work is fucking stunning. The shot of the bride in black and white against the wall is to die for. Love.

Jess + Damian { Watermark }

I had been to Watermark numerous times, and was always amazed at the level of design and care put into it. Being a visual person I love seeing great architecture and open spaces. But for as many times as I have been in there, I never had the opportunity to bring a camera… Until this Sunday. Jess called me on Friday and asked if I was available for a last minute engagement session before their party on Sunday. As fate would have it, I was. So on Sunday morning I met a couple that were so like me it was uncanny… They were super fun and were game for whatever crazy ideas I had. I had an amazing time and definitely love a bunch from their session… Thank you to Watermark for allowing us in to take pictures!

John DeFiora Photography_0006John DeFiora Photography_0007John DeFiora Photography_0008John DeFiora Photography_0009John DeFiora Photography_0011John DeFiora Photography_0012John DeFiora Photography_0013John DeFiora Photography_0014

John DeFiora Photography_0020

John DeFiora Photography_0016John DeFiora Photography_0018John DeFiora Photography_0019

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Amy & Ben { Destination Wedding }

I hadn’t seen my cousin Amy in a good 15+ years… So when she told me she was getting married and asked if I knew any photographers, I said duh. It was such a fun trip to see family, both old and new in such an amazing state. This backyard wedding was perfect and I had such a blast!

I would like to thank Charmi for comin’ along on this wedding and kicking butt ( some of her images are in with mine ) and Teresa, for helping in every aspect of the day!


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Jennifer PenagaMarch 19, 2014 - 12:01 pm


Margaret Moran SamulkaMarch 21, 2014 - 7:55 am

Congratulations to the Beautiful couple, May you live Happily Ever After!!!! and to the Mother of the Bride, Donna; I tip my hat to you!!! Donna you did a great job of raising your children and giving them a wonderful life. You should be proud of Yourself,, <3 :)